Me Time?

In the two months since my last post, I met some cool people, I went to new places, I discovered how to love.

I lived. But where was the time for me?

The hiatus from my writing was not a purposeful action; it was a result of my fear to spend time with myself. Everyone has something that truly puts them in touch with themselves and makes them feel alive. For me, it’s writing. Our society puts so much emphasis on trends and social lives. We have to do exciting things and make sure they make it on snapchat or instagram. Doing things alone that make you grow spiritually and intellectually? That’s not so much on the radar of millennials.

Why do we put ourselves on the back burner? And I’m not talking about young people putting their own feelings over others’ or spending plenty of time on the couch, because we’re pretty good at that as a whole. I’m talking about finding what makes ourselves tick and pursuing those passions; I’m talking about taking the time to be with ourselves without the distraction of other people or our phones grabbing our attention every 5 seconds. I think sometimes it feels safer to just hop on Facebook or start downing drinks rather than attempt something we’re not so sure we’ll be good at.

I recently changed my major in order to better intellectually challenge myself, but I still struggle every day with convincing myself I have talents and I can use them. Even as I currently sit and write this, I am distracted by people I love texting me, Buzzfeed and twitter notifications, the urge to do “productive” things.

Here’s to making time for my mind and soul.


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