A Note on Thankfulness

I for one believe God is a tricky dude and likes to give us blessings in disguise, like sometimes making us move to little towns in Wyoming that actually turn out to be wonderful. It has been almost four months since I first drove into Laramie, and despite the endless hours I now work and the nights when I just want my best friend, I feel more alive here than I have in a long time.

On this beautiful 20th Thanksgiving of mine I am thankful for:

A family who can make a place in the middle of nowhere feel like a place filled with love & who travels to me to have Thanksgiving dinner in between my shifts at Hellbucks over this hectic weekend;

Coworkers who make shifts at above mentioned Hellbucks just a little more bearable;

My lovely boyfriend who has made this small town feel more like home than I could have ever thought possible;

Family back home in Washington who have supported me endlessly as I navigate this crazy world;

Friends who somehow make me smile and laugh from 1500 miles away even when I have felt most alone, and new friends who make me leave my room sometimes;

The cutest roommate ever who bakes & owns police grade tasers to fend off our insane neighbors;

Being able to study at UW next semester what I love most: English and professional writing;

All who have attempted to aid me in my pursuit of the life skill known as “cooking”? Your efforts have not gone unnoticed & I think I’ve almost mastered Hamburger Helper.

God is good. God is good. God is SO good.



One comment

  1. Yes, that Thanksgiving Dinner at the steakhouse in Laramie! One for he memory books! We couldn’t not have dinner with you, Britt!


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