Don’t Forget Your Passions

Remember when we would sing into hairbrushes and cheap karaoke mikes in our bedrooms with friends after school, so confident that we sounded wonderful? Remember when we had dreams of being astronauts and writers and veterinarians and the President and nothing hindered us because, well, that was what we wanted to do?

Today one of my childhood friends announced to me that she is engaged, and instantly my heart filled with pride as I looked back on the little girls who would use disposable cameras and take pictures together on a whim because we saw that natural beauty in each other. The little girls who would sell chocolates and lemonade on the edge of the golf course because who wouldn’t want our products? And that got me thinking about all the dreams we had at that ripe age and the complete lack of fear within us.

The other day at church, the children’s leader said “I am so proud of these kids and their hearts like sponges, ready to soak everything up.” So many of us let our hearts become hard, and for what? Because people hurt us and laughed at us and judged us? What a silly reason to let go of a dream.

Sometimes I get overwhelmed by all the decisions I have in my life right now; can I possibly get a few less to choose from? Let me pick the best out of three. When I feel like this, I try to remember that life is not a race, or a competition, or a test–at least not in the traditional sense. It is a beautiful and personal journey, and what a disservice to ourselves it would be not to follow each and every passion.

I think so many of us college-aged kids get wrapped up in the numbers, the plans, the reputations. Some shut down completely because their passions are not in line with society’s expectations. I know business majors who really just love to write and computer science majors who would love to just be practicing art. That said, I understand we live in a world where money is important, but I think that level of importance is overrated sometimes. Even if your career is not the epitome of what excites you, don’t let those fascinations fall by the wayside completely.

Growing up is hard, and scary, and does it ever actually end? I am considered an adult by a lot of standards, but I still have so far to go, and I vow to never stop dreaming and exploring and learning.

“Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” ~Matthew 18:3


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