I’m Getting Tired of the “My Way is the Only Way” Mindset of Our Generation

I suppose we all should just study the same thing in college and listen to the same music and watch the same TV shows and be friends with all the same people. The world would be a lot better this way, don’t you think?

As ridiculous as this notion is, it seems to be exactly what our generation pushes for. A generation that is supposed to celebrate individuality and self love constantly shoots down others for their interests and ambitions. A generation that, on the surface, is accepting of so many different lifestyles and opinions but will actively fight anyone who presents an opposing viewpoint. Yeah, on the surface, we have made it known that we are the generation that is going to make room for all genders, sexualities, and opinions, but when it comes down to it, everyone else is simply wrong.

I am talking about the fact that as young people, we are constantly on guard with the intent of defending every taste and idea we have. After attending university for a semester, I have experienced this full force. I am an English major, leaving myself open to constant ridicule about how pointless my path is and constant reminders that I am not going to make any money, no matter what I do with my degree. As backlash, I have found myself condemning other majors for their “lack of importance,” and I finally had to take a step back and realize how vicious this cycle really is.

We don’t just need engineering and business and med students, although these degrees do statistically lead to higher salaries. But wait–what if we took salary out of it?

I am not stupid, and I am not some hippie who’s going to say that money doesn’t matter, because it ultimately does. The thing to ask yourself is, at what point, at what salary range, does the amount of money you make stop providing for your happiness, leaving it up to all the other factors of your life to fill in the rest? That aside, what right does anyone have to decide how happy someone else is going to be with the amount of money the world has decided they are going to make based simply on what they’re studying as an undergrad?

The simple truth is we need education and communications and English and art and music majors. Just as much as we need biology and math and psychology and computer science majors. Everyone is born with a brilliance inside them; it manifests itself in different ways for all.

And quite frankly, those who bash others for their life choices are simply uncomfortable with their own.

We can do better.


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  1. I couldn’t agree more! We are all here on this earth with different talents and gifts. The most important thing is being who God created you to be…it takes all kinds of people to make this world better!

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