Appreciating Friendships That Used to Be

I miss so many people.

Having lived in so many places, I’m forced to leave behind relationships fairly regularly in my life. However, in this particular regard, my experience is no different than most. Because even if someone stays in the same city their entire life, they will most certainly meet new people and leave others behind.

And I’ve come to realize that this is okay.

I used to reprimand myself for drifting away from people, telling myself I was a bad friend and person for not putting in the effort to maintain the 200 current relationships in my life. This is an impossible task, but we as humans thirst for love and affection to the point that we tell ourselves it is possible.

When I would mourn over a friendship that just faded away, my mom once told me that God sent these people to have purpose in my life just for a season. I was taken aback and immediately felt that this outlook meant we can just use people for our current needs, and really couldn’t believe my wonderfully compassionate and loving mother would even condone this. As I’ve grown up, I’ve started to understand that this is how we were designed.

When I was brokenhearted and he was too, we were that crutch for each other.

When I was new to the school and she still hadn’t found her place there, we were a lifeline for each other.

When we discovered we could make each other laugh more than any other person on this planet, she became my best buddy for a good time.

When we both didn’t understand why love wasn’t happening for us, he sat with me in the parking lot after work and we had some of the most raw talks I’ve taken part in.

When we were both young and hungry for God, she was my accountability and my inspiration.

When we both felt stuck in community college and unsure where our lives were going, he made me feel a little less lonely.

All of these people are ones that helped me immensely during different times of my life. Some of them I loved and will always appreciate; some of them were simply a friend when I needed one. All of them came into my life because we shared a common interest, insecurity, dream, or heartache, and that is the beautiful part of being human. We weren’t meant to be alone, although we feel that way so often.

I genuinely believe that every path we cross is for a reason, but that doesn’t mean it has to last forever. Circumstances change, we grow, and sometimes there is not much else for someone to offer us. This is not fake or disloyal; it’s necessary for development and will happen all our lives. Appreciate these people for what they gave you, and then look forward.


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  1. Beautifully written! Your mom was one of those special people God sent to me, and I know Jordan feels the same about you. Even though it was only a season, the memories touch our hearts forever! Can’t wait to read more 🙂


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