Just an Hour Away

I feel as if many of my posts have to do with the petty, often trifling mishaps that bother me momentarily and result in a somewhat whiny rambling.

Today I wanted to write about something bigger than that.


I am, admittedly, pretty restless and spend much of my time daydreaming of faraway places. I love adventure and travel and am literally watching Pirates of the Caribbean right this moment because it takes my mind somewhere “cooler”.

Travel is great, but how often do we forget to explore the gifts that God has placed directly around us?


It is unnerving how relaxing and inspiring it is to be enveloped in nature, because I don’t believe as humans we were designed to live our lives behind walls and screens. (That said, I will always appreciate a good movie and ice cream night.)

Medicine Bow National Forest: just an hour from where I sleep and work every day.


I watched a movie recently called Collateral Beauty. It was extremely sad, I would recommend it but only with ample tissues, and, full disclosure–I cannot relate to it whatsoever because it is about a man losing his daughter. But the movie tugged at my heartstrings a little bit (a lot) and reminded me to be grateful for everything I have. It reminded me to see the beauty in everything around me, whether it be people or places.

No matter how dreary life seems to get.

As classes start up again in what seems like no time and my life returns to endless chaos and stress, I will do my best to remember that.


Live humbly and vibrantly,


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