This One’s for the Artists

I love a good work of art. I love seeing people use creativity to fulfill themselves and inspire others. I see and hear art everywhere: in songs, movies, books, photographs, murals. Earth would be much less lovely without it.

This one’s for the artists–and not just those who lean over an easel making paint strokes, but them and all the rest.

All the rest on this planet who create–who use the gifts God gave them to make the world more beautiful, contemplative, and gratifying to live in. Humans who fill the world with photographs, designs, dances, sculptures, videos, music, drawings, and words.

This is for those who witness a deeper beauty in life and want to amplify it.


Those who appreciate the human condition in all of its many forms and facets.


Those who stimulate senses in order to stimulate souls.


Those who feed on the relations between each other, within ourselves, and to the rest of the world.


Those who spend hours, weeks, and lives on work that will touch or enlighten those who experience it.

Andrei Davidoff Editorial_006

Those who make a unique mark that only they can make.


Those who dare to cross boundaries, push limits, and question what is known.


Those who receive constant societal backlash for being unpractical.


To those who create,

Thank you.


Photos: 1, 2, 34, 5, 678

Cover photo found here.

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